EAMS JAPAN Co., Ltd. Three years in Oita prefecture

Oita Prefecture Business Grand Prix Award for Best Year in Oita Prefecture for the 3rd Year
It is the beginning of the drone business in Oita prefecture


Currently not only

the sky, but also active on the land, water, underwater drones are widespread.

In the drones business which can now be done in the sky now, the aviation law also has severe risks and we can not expect much business effect
Then, make a drones that can be active outside the sky
That is the business of our company



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     代表取締役社長 溝部 弘之


We perform demonstration party of the drone in Oita.

We display UGV and USV there as well as UAV.


If you expect it, we perform a demonstration for you.​

Please feel free to ask me about that. And Please don't

hesitate to ask if there are any points you feel are unclear.





Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

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THE YEAR is 2016 WEST JAPAN KRONOS starting company of drone remake EAMS JAPAN